Tide of The Marionette

The original version of Tide of The Marionette has previously been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Without a reason to be
He fell limp
No strings attached
Heartbeats mismatched
The mirror had cracked his reflection

Without a direction
He fumbled and flailed
Each movement was laboured and desperately frail
Lacking intimacy in detail
Silhouette casting no trail
Bereft of reason to be
The marionette wept bitterly beneath the veil

Heart of pale
Inscribed in braille
Prone to gently weeping
Unbeknownst internal bleeding
Distant memories congealing
Through the mess of years receding
He fell limp
Hands down on deck of sinking ship
A nondescript and not equipped for feeling

The strings of life
Had lost their thread
Untethered by the truth undressed before him
That every breath from here to death
Be solely omnipresent to forewarn him
Fate would not reward him for the destiny adrift
Unless he fought with brave and sought a way to bridge the rift

Tide was high and undercurrents swift
Thus he swam tirelessly
Headed to the distant lights
With pistons fired and vibrancy
Waves were breaking all about him
Still he breached defiantly
Bravely swayed to the steep of the sea
For this finally gave him a reason to be

Strengthening wings
For the strings of his heart bled devotion to opening mast
Each vessel he glanced past was part of the elite
Souls composing masterpieces
Mightiest in fleet
No strings attached
Held high in esteem
By those who believed in his reason to be

Distant northern tides
Confided island of the seen
Some place where the shoreline frothed with vibrancy and keen
Home for lost souls
Free of ropes that bound the wildest dreams
To each and all the deepest, widest sea
No strings attached
To pin him back
Reliantly he breached
No longer limp
The marionette
Was finally free

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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