A Rightful Trifle

Featured art by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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The Pacific Ocean “Waterflower”

Back in the day
When nightfall
Was frightful
Life appeared no less than spiteful
Guess you could say archetypal
Pending favour’s late arrival

Too restrained to break the cycle
Pains inflamed and nature stifled
Felt estranged
From sacred idol
Disengaged from famed recital
Pre-ordained to remain idle
Obeyed fate awaited final
Surveyed range
Remaining mindful
Of the brave to claim great title

Knew that my prevail entailed
Spiralling due south
To the streaming mouth of madness
Whereby reams of frozen screams spewed out
Had devout not bailed me out
Then I’d have been a goner
Little less than fodder
With the unprestigious honour of immoderate allude to crude renounce

Counting down the seconds to a reckoning long threatened
I no longer felt so deadened by remorse
Should all be well that ends well also
Essence swell throughout my torso
I could head where all good thoughts go
Thereby alter course

Of course
There was mild trepidation
Blackouts yet to bridle
However clement dread aside
Felt less inclined to hide from nightfall
And besides
These demons weren’t so frightful
Just required a kind allegiance
Guess you could say archetypal
Pending no impedence to the credence sweet relief entitled

Feelings tend to own us
When we’re open to postponement
Too committed to neurosis
To breathe out and smell the roses
Though the house of cards might fall
At any given moment
Every day I’m living is a bonus
Done all my forgiveness and a fair share of atonement
Know of where within to place the onus
Focusing on motioning the flight of one-time broken wing
My eyes once tired and vacant
Are wide open
I trust the world will one day see
What mine confide
Here’s hoping

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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