Silent Revolution

Silent Revolution is an original work; inspired by the song Dream Journal by Feverkin. Featured art is by Elle Hanley.

Listen to Silent Revolution by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Dream Journal by Feverkin

Silent revolution
To revive a lost world
Not a crossed word need be spoken
Right of privacy be broken
Redefining evolution
To provide a free solution
To the mind’s unseen pollution
To delight life’s soft curls
Start a silent revolution
Learn to quietly unfurl
Seek and find the resolution
To revive a lost world

Pavement cracks in paradise
Payment caps on appetites
Framed within the paradigm
Trailed by distant satellites
Ageing mass of fracture lines
Flailing hands to capture tied
This is why we have to fight
A silent revolution

Treat each deep contusion
As a keep for restitution tools
Turn the thumb screws on amuck confusion strung through ruined halls
Learn to come through undue slumps unrushed
Retouch the duty clause
Hang up on all nuisance calls
And failing such
Just mute the fools

Let them have their say and trudge through paper trails apace with snails
Let them judge you
Say begrudge you
Labour unto graceless fails
Tip the expectation scales
Away from liquidation sales
Maybe make a case for breaking stasis
When their faces pale

Silent revolution
To revive a lost world
Not a broadsword need be crossed
Not a short straw won or lost
Not a chalkboard sprawled with hog wash
Too engaged at playing hopscotch
Life is too short for a stop watch
It takes all sorts after all
And it’s your call
To rise or fall for constitution
Go all in
For win or lose
It’s up to you to prize the wise forethought to fight
A silent revolution

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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