Recently, my sister Lexi shared with me her own acoustic cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite songs. After hearing her stunning arrangement, I felt inspired and compelled to write a poem to music which taps into the same melancholic vein as both the original and her version, putting a fresh spin on a classic. Tearaway is an original work, which closes with a link to Lexi’s vocal recording of Love Will Tear Us Apart. Featured art is by Allan Swart.

Listen to Tearaway by Richard Charles Stevens

When our hearts are in chains
Love will tear us apart again
When we’re lost in a maze
With no way to escape
The end claims no start
Makes no sense to remain
When light in our eyes lies exempt in the shade
Love will tear us apart again

First impressions
They fade
Our perceptions then change
What starts as affection
Departs to disdain
Best intentions are questioned
Regarded as vain
With no beating heart left to maintain

Guilt and shame
Play their parts
Taking aim at our marks
We campaign to make plain
Adulation has passed
In the name of cancellation
We break down communication lines
Become lost in translation
Unaware where inspiration lies
Minds in isolation
Hearts declaring their migration rights
One wild accusation placed from breaking ties

When our vacant eyes glaze
Love will tear us apart again
When our dreams start to fade
With no means for reawakening
Worst fears arise
For it appears we have been taken in
When something easy feels akin to labouring
Love will tear us apart again

Some treat love as a game
Others feel pained to play
Staging plays to lay claim
On unstable terrain
Search for weakness
And drain veins in sequence
To gain greater stake
Than their depreciated equals

Deceitful eyes
Tell needful lies
Unheedful of the light that dies
May never be revitalized
With every feeling itemized
Even though they might survive the title fight
Lack of love is blackened sludge to vital signs
Time flies on blind side
All lifelines denied us
Little to prize
Beneficial to guide us
Love really need not conquer and divide us
For it’s simple what a single blush provides us

When the trains are delayed
And our veins feel near drained
Love need never tear us apart again
When hearts pride misplaced
Find a way to break their chains
Love need never tear us apart again
When wings long impinged
Sing their sweet serenade
Love need never tear us apart again
First impressions may fade
But should the second we remain
Love need never tear us apart again

Click here to listen to Love Will Tear Us Apart cover by Lexi C

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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