The Perquisite of Precious Things

The Perquisite of Precious Things is an original work; inspired by the song Precious Things by Tori Amos. Featured art is by Elle Hanley.

Listen to The Perquisite of Precious Things by Richard Stevens

Listen to Precious Things by Tori Amos

I offer my heart
To the music of chance
Its beat fits and starts
Yet is swift to remark
On the avant-garde rhythm which sets it apart
The endings arisen to freshen next start
Unfairness forgiven
Regardless of scars
Making darling provision
Of the vision this grants
I offer my heart
To the music of chance
From first pirouette to last dance

Do please view this as art
For it bears all the marks
Cares to speak only truth
Dares to bleed deepest psalm
Shares to feed lonely roots
Chairs seated seeds charmed
Thus declaring in bloom
Each renewed healing part
I offer my art
As a reason to muse
On the seasons enthused as they jubilantly pass
From first pirouette to exclusive last dance
Well attuned to the music of chance

I proffer my soul
From the coffer below
In the vaults of my being
Where the all-seeing know
Where needful things mean something
Evils conceal nothing
Treason is seen bluffing
Lenience shown
In compassionate glow
Over battlements flown
I proffer my soul
To go home

Please do view this as all of me
Do feel free to call on me
Every time that life needs to dress up less ordinary
Cautionary measures
Only singe the wing feathers
At expense of keen pleasure
Hence the lessen of treasure
Should a feather of forever
Seek relish led endeavour
Nevermore again these tethers
From deep pains gain be severed

I offer my heart
To the music of chance
Its beat slowed to start
Yet was swift to remark
On a trip through the stars
Now it grows with each dance
Bids twinning repose
To all precious things darned
Into cloak beneath which
Its chosen beat calms
To compose a sweet tune
From the music of chance

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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