The Dreamer Dreams

The Dreamer Dreams has previously been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Jeszika Le Vye.

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The dreamer dreams
The dreamers dream
Of frameless skies
Of creek upstream
Where angel eyes remain divine
Regardless of what may arise
Where all is just precisely as it seems
Seen to be believed
The dreamer dreams

Another place
Another time
Midst echoes of another life
In buttoned lace
Majestic white
Never more arresting sight
The dreamer dreams
In reams of She
Would peel her rind
To nest inside
Express delight
All things despite
To bask within
Reflective light
Seen to be believed
The dreamer dreams

To set a scene
Bedecked in She
Delectably divine
To sleep in peace and restfully
While breathlessly inclined
To braid the skies
With weave of dream
The dreamer dreams
To set a scene
Of infinite ascendancy
Of sempiternal twine
Seen to be believed
The dreamer dreams

Drunk on Cupid’s stupid love
Silly smile of musing dove
Chirruping approval of the rumour of two fools in love
Whispered through the atrium of dreams
The dreamer dreams
And all this dreamer dreams is She
For She is all this dreamer ever loved

Every corner leads to She
Deepest mortar bleeds of She
Fingertips to fingertips
The dreamers live a piquant dream
Through sequined trees
In liquid breeze
The dreamers set a sequenced scene
Bedecked in He
Bedecked in She
In reams of He
Midst streams of only She
The dreamer dreams
The dreamers dream
Are seen to be believed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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