This Way, That Way… Through The Looking Glass

Listen to This Way, That Way… Through The Looking Glass by Richard Charles Stevens

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somewhere through the looking glass
i pass
to high seas
where advised i left them last
concisely breathe the air of chance
exhale from sails
and raise full mast
for in my dreams
no days have passed
since light beams cast a night scene vast
the slight breeze chills
when life seems ill
i take my fill
to baste my scars
my heart it races like a car
to make haste through the looking glass

in a world of my own
precious little would make sense
and i’d sooner be committed
than left sitting on the fence
would it be deemed reasonable to speak whenever feasible
it may seem inconceivable
the ledger barely readable
yet i would hedge a bet that I am blessed for the foreseeable
to venture forth on course to better yet
way farther than my past self ever went

so long as i get somewhere
i can catch my breath and slum there
head to where none dare to tread
then tear the other me to shreds
don’t care for where my head is at
so long as it treads pathway back
to halfway between this and that
to where the exhibition’s at
contrariwise it might well be
to realign my sights to see
the madness in one’s sanity
the calm in undone vanity
for what it is
it wouldn’t be
and what it wouldn’t be
it would
you see?
cannot see the woods
without a good look at the trees
it’s like a good book
to all those souls who chose to read
a wonderland transposed from hopes and dreams

where i go
depends on where i care most to end up
should i show great muchness
then with muchness i shall boast of end to slump
wondering all the improbable things
to make possible hinged on belief
that for all of my madness
i’m all out of sadness
and being so glum takes some way too much ranting
too much at stake to be disgracefully pedantic
and more tasteful to romantically proceed
to make haste through the looking glass
to pass on hate
and all things la di da
my heart it races like a car
to baste my scars
and breathe
exhale from sails
raise full mast
in my dreams

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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