Inspired by and based upon the opening dance routine from Gaspar Noé‘s 2018 film, Climax.

Listen to Crescendo by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Supernature by Cerrone

once upon a time
science opened up a door
and supernature stepped up to the floor
raw potential
wall to wall
one all possessing overture
that built to a crescendo set to echo through the void

the strobes slow to remote control the flow
reverberations moan low
as the bassline then goes solo
as above
same so below
with no show on restraint
one hundred beasts all prowl within one cage
bound to tempo
jump cables
fire and ice
with guests arriving
yet binded
flesh enmeshed
never less than breath defying
mesmerizing sequence
and a chorus line ablaze
one fierce inferno
turned up to amaze

we don’t need no fire to make the motherfucker burn
for luck she be a lady
and she rages as she turns
the word on the street is that it missed a beat
no mystery
the rest and for the best
is ancient history
fuels the engine
driving the desire to twist and turn
the fire within
entitling the flames of ranged obsession
crisis intervention
heightened senses

building to crescendo
skin too tight to try and let go
forward facing
all embracing
force gale breaking
waves of raw potential
wild and brave
in sleek formation
scientific minds
plain exhilarating
ecstasy has back its plaything
peeling back the pain of waiting
in this moment
all components
operate as one
the dance dear friends
has only just begun

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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© Copyright: Rivers of Grue™ Cerrone™


    1. Thank you, Mouse. I’m so glad you enjoyed this. The dance routine inspired me to try and write something that translated the dance into words. Had a lot of fun with this one. Have you watched the video of the dance? If so, how good is the dude with the adidas top? Pure contortion. I tried to time the flow to mimic his movements.

      1. I could tell you enjoyed this one. The link doesn’t work in the app so I’ll have a look via the desktop version. It was fun dancing with you!

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