All In

All In has previously been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

Listen to All In by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Tally Ho! by Wagon Christ

A success for the one
Can be one for the many

Please pardon me for earful
But clear reasons to be cheerful really need not be so queerly temporary
Every time glad tidings chime
Windfalls prize a call to rise
Authorizing all abiding saucer eyes to enterprise
Feelings then intensify
Revealing monumental size
As we extend tremendous strides
To waterside immortalized

He’s an artist
She’s an artist
Masterpieces plenty
Not to say it’s heedless to break out the cheap confetti
But Mary need not be quite so contrary on the variables
When caring to make merrymaking shareable
Elevating spirits then translates to breaking limits
Once we head off down the prairie trail
Where fairy tales commend regale
Find an airy song to hail
And sing it
With nary a pale face upon exhibit

We are in it
For the long haul when we’re on call
First responders
Paying visits
To some place no way beyond us
No command need mask to conquer
Killing hardly makes us stronger
With the willing to prolong our praise for lifetimes
Far, far longer

We are better than we let ourselves believe
We endeavour through the never to the evergreen
Feathers of forever
For whomever dares to dream
The kind of dream a dreamer tends to care to dare to dream
The here and there declared of in-between

A success for the one
Is one for all to crown as kings and queens
Endorsing all endorphins pleasing
Ears of corn in fields serene
The yield we reap
When true to seed
Removes the need to mute the bleed
To bloom belief anew foreseen
Through eyes of plumed esteem

A success for the one
Is for so many to rejoice
All for one
In one collective voice

The kind of dream a dreamer tends to care to dare to dream
The here and there declared of in-between

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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