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Ignorance is bliss
For the many
While knowledge listens only for the few
Who resist the short shrift of the news
Insisting we march to their misery tune
Dividing us
Misguiding us with that which they decide for us is justified supplying such publicity to

Multiplying distrust
As they thrust their false agenda
On whichever fender bender
They see trending on that day
Baiting us to rise up and retaliate against a system they themselves create
Through the most wasteful of narration
Trying to claim they are sustaining one nation
Operating to their own distasteful gain

Time and again
They name a plaything
Just to shame them into corners where the auditors are waiting to debase them
Placing blame on all of us who walk away from wrought affray
With no remaining morphine sticks and poorly fixed for tourniquets
Ignorance is bliss
As they predict it ten a penny
By enlisting many to outweigh the few

It’s a hullabaloo
And another one too
As they bugger us senseless
Then leave us defenceless
To finish a sentence that doesn’t end unpleasantly
Pretentiously and seldom even tentatively true

I was through with the media
Before it grew seedier
Thus while it may prove easier to follow the pied piper
I’m inclined to walk another line entirely
This isn’t the time to be divided
Undermining a society which virally refreshed a fresh advisory
The second we were hard pressed to provide a single answer
As to where their hard lines lead us to reliably

We are healing
We are feeling
We are halfway through revealing
That community is both alive and well
Nature has reminded us our place
And we are best placed to make changes in the faith that time will tell

Facing danger we may be
Casing layers may well bleed
Front page news
Is hardly such
When there is far too much ado
To tune into the frequencies
Repeatedly off cue
The media is first on scene and just as speedy bidding us adieu

Yet we are healing
We are feeling
We are halfway through revealing
Knowledge to the many from the few
Resisting short shrift of the news
In honour of less smearing point of view
Pioneering clear sight line anew
The only way mankind will make it through

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. This perfectly captures the monstrous nature of the media in all its putrid forms. I love the GIF at the end, I’m always armed with upbeat music when I’m out. My armour against exactly what you’ve addressed. Perfect.

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