Show and Tell

Show & Tell is an original work, inspired by British crime drama, Luther, further exploring the fascinating relationship between its two central characters. It is written and performed from the perspective of Alice Morgan.

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It was all for you
You know
In honour of my throbbing need to bleed them
Just to show
Indeed I did these deeds to feed your longing need to know
If I could be the missing piece
You need to free the ghost

I see me
In your eyes
Each time this thing between us grows
No need to speak
To prise out deepest secrets and expose
Imposing need to break the sequence
Crack the keeper’s code
When for you I’m only too pleased to disclose

What is it you wish to know
Kiss me quick
Or kill me slow
Both I tend to fantasize
Guess you’ve got me bang to rights
Say the word
I’ll stand aside
And each sweet dream romanticized
Will reek of a cheap pantomime
To strategize alone

Fractured minds like ours
Have powers
Over lowly skies
We tower
Need no brief on these encounters
Mine is yours
As yours is ours
Every time you take a pause
I get a chill that thrills for hours
Kill me quick
Or kiss me slow
Before our souls are both devoured

It was all for you
My love
Every honest drop of blood
Bonny tonic to your chronic lack of active duty snuff
Have seen you on the edge
Indeed, I did these deeds to near you on the ledge
For I would hedge a bet
You’d be too scared to dare such leaps without me

Bleed with me
Free the ghost from host
Receive the bounty
May have given cause to doubt
Know that’s what the pauses are about
Even so
You know
Deep down
This isn’t all about me
If I can be the missing piece
And feed your longing need to know
Then please be sweet
And meet me at the murder scene
Better yet
Come early
We can put on quite the show

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Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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