A Stitch or Nine

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Make somebody’s day
And pay it forward
Head down to the deep south
Facing northward
Matters not one jot if you are awkward in your stance
Strangers may appreciate the glance

Only takes one smile
To place a warm glow in the heart
Embracing artform sworn to go the extra mile
Only takes one kind act
To in turn deserve another
Thus discovering a place to rest awhile
Only takes one breath
To say I love you to no end my friend and mean it
Only takes one nightmare less to dream it
Only we possess the tools
To press on through each crested fall
And still come to in some place fresh and scenic

Grant somebody’s wish
To gift inspire
When they lift you
Elevate them higher
Matters not one jot if you are teetering from spire
Seafaring eyes prize the frequent flyer

Only takes one second
To undress the flesh of bind
Step out of the skin we’re in
And leave the rest behind
Only takes one destiny
To wink at fate suggestively
Only takes one deed
To act in kind
Incubate the seed belief can feed to breathe progressively
Togetherly in ever matching twine

Make somebody’s dream come true
To see the sunlight beaming through
Windows to a soul supposed to glow
Matters not one jot the ebb and flow of essence undertowed
Only that there’s some place left to go

Only takes hello
To open up communication lines
Only takes one back
To track wherein reciprocation lies
Only takes one brush
To paint in strokes as open broad or fine
Only takes one lucky star
To redefine the skies
Astride the borderline

Only takes one scar
To see a thousand tales end well
Only takes one pouting kiss
To tell
Grant somebody’s wish
And lift them higher than yourself
For it only takes one stitch
To change the world

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Hell yeah!!! Loving the reggae/breakbeat fusion and backing vocals!

    “Matters not one jot if you are awkward in your stance
    Strangers may appreciate the glance” 👊🏻

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