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Strike me with the force of a small army
For such could ne’er cause discord or alarm me
With broad sword held aloft
My shoulder dropped
And I adopted thoughts less forceful to disarm me


The balmy air declared no chill impairing
As I stared to the abyss of no predicament despairing
Imprisonment had been my charge
Such harsh decree uncaring
For it foretold no esteem of my bold bearing
Glaring eyes had terrorized a heart unfairly pressurized
Yet, still this willing part of me re-energized
Tearing down its walls
Appeared the only course to take
To leave a sprawl of brick dust blustered in my wake
Mine had been an unjust cause
Before the blade be thrust
Time was short
The battle fought
My fall from grace discussed by angels changing faces
Draining veins to favour their own blush
Thus I remained the same way facing
Bathing unrestrained in love


Touch me with the flame of native flush
For I encourage thy remain
To blaze with advantageous gush
Rain down on my raiments
Sped of rush
For an eternity of burning in thine name could never claim to be enough


As lightning struck the tree of life
I cried the tears of years declined
Fearless in a stride nowise denied me
As I kindly bid resign
To ties of bind
Which had belied my faith
Reminding impolitely of a fate of grave assign
Time was short
My mortal flesh undressed with less remorse than ever one time in a falsifying life
I lived this lie
Until the day I died
Yet in another way survived
As it reminded me that I was still alive you see
My heart beat now with vibrancy
And herein lies sweet irony
For it had ceased
To see me reap the hybrid seed


Reinvent the flesh about my feet
Caress my blessed reflection
To request unmeasured sweep
I shall remain forever in thine keep
Bled from the endeavour
Of the seen
Through the never
My Queen



Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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