Listen to Slake by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Slake (Accapella) by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Angel’s Asylum by John Carpenter


Dark angel
Please do take a seat
At my table
And pour yourself a tipple of your choice
Raise a toast
To gracious host
As maître d’
I’m favoured most
To solve the ancient riddle of your voice


Part your lips
Impart a kiss
That whispers where the party is
Grip my heart
And strip its bark
To frisk the barb of arteries
Bleed them dry
With evil eye
Upon the flesh
You cleave aside
Equalizing no less than a masterpiece


Dark angel
Your thorns are my porn
Slide in the blade
While my veins are still warm
Flay me
Betray me
Sweet sister of mercy
For luck may be a lady
But she’s shady when she curtsies


Death becomes
Each breath undone
To breathe my black lung white
Inviting dead of night to dress up for the ball
Sooner seal my fate
Than wait a plateful of eternities
To dine with one so tastefully unborn


Yours is gown
The ashen crown of legion scores your brow
Dark angel
Amor tenebris
I bled my wrists
To quench a thirst
Deferred for endless centuries
Concurring of the now


Dark angel
In this moment
I am shadow
In thy name
The narrows of my mind
Confide of sanctified terrain
Deep in the marrow
Hallowed earth
Bids curse refrain
For nature versus nurture
Offers blessing to be gained
Herein shade
Is dearly slain
To bleed the need to breathe again
And seize the day
Dark angel
In thy name
Divine is thy eternal thirst to slake


Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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