The Adored (Only This Moment Remix)


The original version of The Adored has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Flora Borsi.

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my eyes can see a thousand miles
my lips impress a thousand smiles
my cheeks are blushed like crowded aisles
my heart in fullest bloom
its beat is wild
untamed and famed of every shade to coarse my veins
unchained they shuttle shuttered rays
to every thought anew

both sun and moon appraised—in aged refrain
to make ornate the changeless view
the birds and bees confer with ease
the conifers are evergreen
dead leaves crunch beneath my feet
and still i feel them breathe—appeased
to simply be and cease to be the victims of predictive breeze
whispers in the boughs of intervening trees—no ceiling beams
steep increase bids dear release to every leaflet seeking peace
dandelions lead the dance to sweet sheet music steeped of chance
i feel such in my deepest heart
as each beat touched entreats advance

my eyes can see a thousand miles
my lips impress a thousand kisses
each a wish to keen ellipsis
in their keep a sea of riches
heart in fullest bloom
its beat is wild
inflamed and true
each shade and hue a fragrant butterfly
to every thought anew

i am an explorer
of the world within my mind
all seeds and spores adored
enthroned and flawlessly entwined
i am a conquistador
the kind inclined to drift ashore
and it would be remiss of me
to be an aweless mystery
been to hell
its kiss did tell
of ways to break the mystic spell
redefine holistic health
find my true artistic self
shattered heart of glass refined
arm the shards of fractured mind
feel such in my deepest scars
where every needful bleed be charmed

my eyes can see a thousand miles
my lips impress a thousand i love yous
each a wish to live and breathe
a thousand needful hearts in fullest bloom
their beat is wild
bled veins renewed
to savour every flawless thought anew
for all adored
a thousand kisses true

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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