Well-Tailored Human Suit

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I’m the freak that nature gave a name
Quite unique when famed for the behaviour of a damaged brain with no disclaimer signed to name and shame
Harmless as a timid kitten
Smitten by a campaign aimed at raising praise for all remaining days
Disinclined to failing grades in favour of appraising gaze
Redesigning aches and pains as reasons for sustaining gain
Seasons pass and I see four sweet visions of amazing grace
Biting hands that feed impedes
And all the while our noses spite our faces

Shadows once endorsed my stasis
Saw the light and traded places
Braided twine and found the basis for a piece of mind more spacious
Playing host to faith contagious
Toasting labour advantageous
Not a fiber fabrication
Sole survivor of endnote persuasion
Sick and tired of diagnosis
Done to death with stated dosage
Mastered art of symbiosis
Found the tonic for neurosis

Once felt claustrophobic in the flesh I slept within
Best advice appeared to be to grow some thicker skin
Had it not been bleak midwinter
Would’ve raised my middle finger
Extra mass inclined to hinder
Needed to be light and limber
Balance out a long lopsided grin

Stripped down to the bones
Swore oath to recompose the flow
Gave my pent-up nervous tension some place less distressed to go
Knew my heart was halfway broken
No mistake with chest wide open
Took a quest into the great unknown
Had to relocate domain of long forsaken soul
Reawaken part of me more aged than dead sea scroll

Basically the freak that supernature gave a name
Blood runs freely through my veins
My arteries corroborate
One clean sweep conglomerate of nominated essence
Evanescence never less than ten brisk steps behind me
This is why I chose to leap so blindly

Nothing left to be undressed
Bereft of flesh and bone
Simply had to reposition free of deposition zone
Should that make me geek then I shall rock that shit with gloss and chic
Lock and pop whilst breathing in
Stop the clock when breathing out
Savour taste of sweet devout
For never throwing in the towel
Had to be a lion to rely upon my growl to bail me out
Be the man I always dreamed to be
The one that wears robes better known as skin to me
Drown the static, heed the call
For there is magick, after all

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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