Gorgeous Brave

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Have come here with but one mission
To bring cheer
Adhered to sunny disposition
Need not ask my heart permission
Just feel charmed enough to listen
As i bargain with a barber’s keen precision
Set artful scene
Proceed to bleed rendition

Ever since the intermission
I’ve been fishing for a dream
At the riverside
Feel dignified to shimmy with the stream
One time mystified
I missed a trick or five before my treat arrived
Penalized until such time
As redesign was legalized
Eagle eyes were mine to prize
The kind of sights
A smile invites
Ceiling height outgrown
As far as I had ever flown
Arose the throes of climbing vines
These smiling eyes of mine

May appear to be pies in the skies
Do not fear
Said the spy to the spy

Needless to say
It takes patience to stay the duration mid heedless delay
But back in the day
I had stacks of the stuff
Just enough to seek needles in hay
Trust that suffered hearts healed feel the same
And I’m thrilled to the quill that I came

Have come here with but one true aim
To raise salute to all who came
To praise the root
In falling rain
Lend haste to bloom
Be born again
Take your hand
And see you standing tall again
Need not ask my heart permission
Just feel charmed enough to listen
To the end of this rendition
All the way
To a sunny disposition
Gorgeous brave

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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