Until We Meet Again

Featured art by Janine Machiedo

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Open up your heart and love will fill it
Heal all aches and pains retained within it
Will it on to feel again
Step out in the freezing rain
Tap each vein until they’re overspilling

A thousand kisses deep within the thicket
Around the world in something less than eighty days with just a single ticket
Some of us may blink, while others infinitely miss it
A mystery should history repeatedly dismiss it

Explicit are the rules of all but precious few engagements
Inhibiting the jewels donates just cause for their estrangement
Lots fall vacant
Darkness falls
Obligation signs the clause
All the while our thoughts become complacent

Pointing out the flaws when we should praise them
Dampening the spirits when a single call could raise them
Banking on our full containment
Altered course by pre-arrangement
Prior to the relocation of the tools we trade in foolish favour of the waiver of amazement

Minds need suffer not as fools when we can choose to change them
Take a pause, endorse a leap of faith and take it blind
Take a break from walking lines
Spare a thought for all in kind
Make a chain from daisies wild and maybe we could transcend space and time

Maybe every silence paints a masterpiece unspoken
Maybe bandaged hearts can make advance from being broken
Maybe there is gentleman for every waiting lady
Could it be the gods were not so crazy after all

Open up your heart and love will fill it to the brim
Heal all aches and pains retained within
So sweet that fate could only dream to fade the sheen of each of its awakenings

Love begets itself
Can twin the souls and fetch their rays
Something subject not to change
For always
One fine day when all remaining nights have passed away
Smile with all our hearts
Until we meet again

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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