The Wounded Cavalier

Title art by Andy Shaw

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Having applied required pressure to the wound
I had done all I could to stem the bleeding
Retreat had never been an option any less than obstinate and seldom ever dreadfully appealing
Misleading to concede
Remorselessly defeat
To leave my deep contusions bleeding and in need of a transfusion fast

Every breath preceded last
Stood aghast
With tattered mast
Shattered dreams
And heart of glass
Scorn and slander unsurpassed
Demanding call to arms
As it made bargain of my foolish heart

Harbinger of sorrow
Harboring spoiled harvest of the morrow
Begged the borrow of this vessel
Left me dressed down
Deathly hollow
Slain on home terrain
The perfect way to close a play
The curtain fell
In ode to knell
Its telling chime my hope dispelled
Faith in choking disarray
For even in plain light of day
The sun invited little ray
The moon had too soon gone away
Midst rumours of a bitter fate
Of doom
Of gloom
On one long constant loser loop reiterated
Heart exhumed
Just another tumored plaything
Soon to be replaced

Having applied required pressure to the wound
I had done all I could to stem the bleeding
Another pint or so disposed and I would not be breathing
Yet still, retreat did not appeal
For I would sooner overspill
My guts
In glory
Through the quill I clutch with will to view no kill

My sacrifice
The heart excised
Shall venture forth with widened eyes
Would not deny the light behind the blinds to shine
With diamonds in the skies to prize
And time to make them mine

I stand defiantly with brave
No pride misplaced
No slight to faith
Too much to say
No time to waste
For every demon faced
Has bled me dear
Decline to cease until the final pint of me releases
Should the bleed be too severe
Then I will show no sign of fear
For I am true
Of love and soul composed
With hope and openly

Yours, loyally and evermore devotedly

The wounded cavalier

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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