Postcard From The Edge

Title art by Deniz Altug

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Wish you were here
Beneath clear skies
Where streams are serene and the leaning cliffs rise
With the peace of mind to keep in mind
The light no plight could demonize
Wish you were here dear
To see time fly

Gleaming eyes
Wide open
Should the need arise to motion to the ocean
Where devotion steeps the tide
While kind hands apply the lotion
To withstand unplanned commotion
With precocious childlike notions
Broken wings concede no flight
Wish you were here dear
Perched on the tree swing
By my side
With heart
Wide open
Should the need arise to feel alive
Spin the wheel of life for old time sake
In bold typeface
With ceaseless lines
To sketch a fetching scene between
To beatify the skies

Wish you were here
Beneath the veil of fate’s prevail
Whereby a mighty fleet set sail
To hail divine
Detailed the same design
That may define a crystalline life souvenir
Wish you were here dear
To be the prize
Finally bequeathed
Beneath clear skies

We must let go
Of all we know
To learn again anew
To grow from seed belief
We can return again to further paint the view
Sow the seed
With sheaf of grain
To decorate the earth
Elevating worth of nature’s bloom
Wish you were here dear
To chase a kite through meadows strewn
Far and wide
From dead of night
Unto the height of afternoon
Never do fear dear
For it is here
I dearly wait for you
And each sweet dream I chase to you
The reasoning of very greatest truths
That you for I aligns to I for you
Reflected in true blue

So glad you came
Through the sleet and the rain
Overseen of assuage
For demons are slain
Better yet
They respect the pre-eminent gaze
Of allegiance to light as to shade
My Queen
I am so glad you came
Everlasting be thy rightful reign

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “To withstand unplanned commotion
    With precocious childlike notions”

    I had to pause this because it moved me to tears due to squillions of reasons 💜

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