The original version of Protection has been published in All of Me Vol. III, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Title art is by Android Jones.

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The blue moon was rumoured to have whispered of her name
Humoured by the sun
Each light spun briskly into shade
By all accounts
A risky game
With Mercury in retrograde
Howbeit, misty days for one who swigged their whiskey straight were known to quickly fade away when rigged to grisly fates awaiting
The canticle of manacles abated
Forced to abdicate their ornate thrones
As fate made known the moans and groans from droves of drones debating

Unknown plaything
Known for plaiting braid of faith and hope afloat
For faith and hope alone
Condoned her every taken note
Foretold of noble stride and scope for one nowise so idly broken

With swollen knees and frozen toes
She composed an ode in hopeful tone to slow the bleed
Proceed through a kaleidoscope of dreams
Foreseen not of omened scheme
For every chosen dream She wove
Called cease upon corrosion
Stemmed the flow of haemoglobin
Begged no borrow of commotion
Wept no sorrow of the notion
That the ocean deep and wide confided transcendental motion
Outwith throes of elemental
Through the globe of changeless stencil

Both moon and sun
Had come undone
On multiple occasion
By all accounts
A risky game
With Mercury in retrograde
Howbeit, such persuasion played no part in tart charade
For every heart-shaped rampart
Made tirade of such betrayed advances
Entertained exchanging glances
Every venture gained through sense of famed adventure tendered through the lens of true catharsis

Chosen few arose to tackle thankless role of psalmist
Artists love their souls as souls propose to love their artists
Faith alone condoned her growth
Named this brave and gave her hope
Staved away the chains of grope
Sun and moon
Did prove and probe
Embraced her pains as She disrobed
In soothe of wounded heart exposed

By all accounts
A risky game
With Mercury in retrograde
Of human eye disclosed no sight
Denial blind impeaches height
Precious few will see the signs
Fewer still will heed them
Dreams will soon recede when cleaved of reason to redeem them
To this day
She sets the scene
Renews belief so seldom seen
If only to provide relief for those deprived of destiny
With leaps and bounds in sequin gowns and reasoned grounds to lead with sound fidelity
No need to tread the bone yard so relentlessly

Her legacy of pedigree resounding
Faith and hope abounding
Conscientiously She bleeds
And this is why I bleed for She
By all accounts
A risky game
With mercury in retrograde
The world needs not another costumed masquerade
It needs a King and Queen
Of changeless stencil
Ageless braid

Thus should she catch a fleeting glimpse of me
Then she will see that principally I breathe for She as She for I
Holding hands at treetop height
Eager eyes and foresight keen
King and Queen of all we see
Putting out the call are we
Treading water flawlessly
As we proceed through sprawl of dream
Sun and moon
In bloom consented
Every cursed verse rumoured blessèd
Interest in famed excursion free of burdened chains now vested
I for She as She for I
Are seen

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Art in word form Lion. This section flows like pure Scottish water over gentle micro waterfalls:

    “Forced to abdicate their ornate thrones dissuading moans and groans from droves of drones and crones debating”

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