Fortune Favours Grace

Featured art by Ionuţ Caraş

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In complete darkness
Had no wish to go there
But life took me there regardless
Buzzards planned to make a handsome banquet of my carcass
Vanquish me then brandish me as frankly weak and guardless
Harnessed to a past
I glanced at thanklessly regardless of my anxious need to pass on charmless pageantry
When actually my heart still beat emphatically
Dramatically at ease
To be relieved of sight that made the night sky starless

The moon was rumoured harmless
And its tumours claimed benign
Contusions were solutions to be famed at later space and time
Optical illusions
Smoke and mirrors
Token shivers
With no greater than a slither of complaint for incubation time
My vacant eyes replaced sale signs with trail guides to the bay pines
Where the grape wine is divine and every rail line leads to great shrine
Granted the wait times were somewhat outrageous
But life is a screenplay of great many stages

All fees paid
I replayed the dream state most gracious
With sea spray to wake me to days way more spacious
Tenaciously keen to narrate serene theme
Wipe the slate clean and lean to obscenely flirtatious degrees
To unleash every demon
For the reason of succeeding them
By leading them to light and interbreeding them
To find polite intrigue in them
And teach them how to gracefully proceed

With no inclination as to waking from this dream
I stripped off bare arse naked
Waded gaily through the stream
Demons left it too late in their aim to scare the pants off me
If I could do this daily
I would gladly pay the ransom fee
Amnesty seemed overrated
Absently belated
Thus I waited for the waves to break to see a brave gaze back at me
Fractured I may have been
Shattered debatably
Still I laid back at the base of acacia tree
Lacking no backing to live life audaciously
In the name of every fallen brave
For greatest fortune favours changeless grace
In keen proclaim that one fine day
The famed shall ride again

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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