Waking To Life

Featured art by Cameron Gray

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Strike me down
Where I stand
And pronounce my soul damned
Burn me at the stake
Reach into flame
And take my hand
Look into my eyes
You’ll see I have to my name
The faith that one fine day
You may well understand

The world’s an ever changing place
Yet many never care for change
Others ill-prepare for change
And precious few show willing
Within the abyss of me
I thence declared unchanging flame
Raged hard against the heinous day
That flesh decayed was stripped from me

My major veins were all but drained
My ailing heart constrained by chains
Gaping scars infected
Weeping to make space for darkness creeping
Harnessed to the light retreating
Burned so bright my eyes were bleeding
Chapter One – Our lives are fleeting
Made for the most frightful reading

Had to read between the lines
To seek and find the finer meaning
Neither or the floor and ceiling
Bound me to outsource of feeling
All of me would soon reveal
And this would be my course for healing
This would bid endorsement
To thoughts formerly inaudible
And mean the make or break of all of me

I heeded the call
At the steepest of falls
My soul was not damned
I just needed a cause
Needed to pause and recall the child taken
Knew if I gazed in his eyes I’d awaken
Waking life is my birthright
So it is
And with that
I waved adieu to the abyss

Strike me down
Where I stand
And I’ll bloom with a kiss
Burn me at the stake
I shall return eternal flame upon thine lips
Look into my eyes
You’ll see I still have to my name
The faith that one fine day
I’ll take the saviour’s hand
Return to favour
Just as nature planned

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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