To Heartbreak, A Page Break

Featured art by Mario Sánchez Nevado

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Broken smiles fix over time
Hearts find a fresh way to bloom
All is not lost
Simply not yet been found
Stars within reach when we sink to the ground
If only we hone in on something profound
Then crops can still blossom anew

The simplest of how do you dos
This is all it takes to make a true lasting impression
Counting curses hurts us when we could be dressing open wounds with blessings
Each of us possess the tools approved for best expressing
Less attuned to thrusting swords
When taught that we can trust a source
Find the cause that feels assured
And make that one worth dying for

Friendship is a blessèd gift
Especially when bleak mists drift
A two way street for happy feet
Yet, solitary shadow
Ocean deep or shallow puddle
Such depends on how we huddle
Muddle through the slew of blues perusing greens to rumour trouble
In between is middle ground
Where roses pose for ring around
Heel and toe
Not all fall down
When set in place are sound foundations

Rainbows will begin to fade when life dissuades we chase them
Days will turn to night too soon when resolute to waste them
Sun and moon at loggerheads
Perched upon the watershed
Whole lives become the letterhead
For miscommunication
Stationed in our wayward outposts
Seldom forward facing
Our tears appear to be mere condensation

The more we give
The less we take
For others will supply
The kind of smiles that stretch for miles and lend address through testifying eyes
The death-defying prize is something timeless and unspoken
Specifying open hearts and rectifying broken parts
Electrifying arteries
Each masterpiece a vessel lying deep beneath the hopeful seas we chart

Broken smiles fix over time
Hearts find a fresh way to bloom
All is not doomed
Autumn gloom will soon pass
When we slink to the ground with a proud clutch of stars
If only we hone in on something profound
Then we can reap infinite harvest
Chasing each rainbow the farthest
To get lost yet never once need to be found

Love can be adhesive when conceived to stick around
Roses pose from heel to toe
And not a solitary one falls down
All is not lost
Better yet, can be found
Once our hearts find a fresh way to bloom
The only way up from rock bottom is top
Where the crops forever blossom anew

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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