The Buoyant Clairvoyant

The Buoyant Clairvoyant has been published in All of Me Vol. V, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Will forever be the optimist
Ever since I opted in to blocking out the doctrine that influenced my plotting cynicism
Locked within a cynic’s prism
Flogged herein with indecision
Wracked with guilt
Tragically miscast as seasons passed bereft of will
On the fast track to distraction
Life lacked any kind of traction
Fell resigned to brief inaction
Pulse too faint to thrill
Everything felt dark and gloomy
Each manoeuvre far from roomy
Heart of glass and laying prone
To chaperone those farthest to me
Sceptics of dyspeptic nature
Those projecting hectic failure
Rendering scant praise and favour
No outgrown faith left to waiver
Lost within a melody no mystery to me
Thus, I bid no history repeat

Will forever see the bright side in predicament unseen
Never any less than striving vigilant and keen
To better dress a desperate scene
Lean in for kiss suggestively
Be the lips to stay and play
Breathe every night back into day
Pulse ablaze with ways to play the game of life on dry terrain
Finding fresh inventive ways to richen yield with sheaf and grain
Tap the veins of every faded dandelion in the shade
Watch it blossom
See it true to life again
May not live to ripened age
Yet train incline to brighten days
Until the final breath be spent
Shall paint the world a lighter shade
Lost within a melody no mystery to me
Thus, I bid no history repeat

Life has seen me cleft and bruised
Precious little left to lose
Felt so lonely in my shoes
Owner of a heart bemused
Had I furthermore withdrew
Fixated on despairing view
Then cool hue buds of morning dew
Would never one time steep in bloom
Every flower gowned anew
Of epitaph and tomb
Time to stand as man
Bitter the harvest
Seen farthest from bloom
Sooner reside in a room with a view
When everything grows dark and gloomy
Reach out to those farthest to me
Keeping souls close in my keep
Reveal the light to see right through me
Lost within a melody no mystery to me
Thus, I now bid history repeat

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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