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as i lay me down to sleep
i praise the souls within my keep
for they are fearless, bold and brave
and i revere their untold grace

gazing through the window to my soul
the raven waits
to see paroled the faith of old and hold an honorary wake
gone are any chains as my exonerated veins no longer throb with flames ablaze in light of nominated shade
my discombobulated days
make way for nights of sailing plain
where i am favoured by invite
to hail tomorrows fore they break
their untold grace
my focused gaze
as i escape once hopeless maze
slope away from broken chains
to regain faith in spoken phrase
make it known i’d bare my whole self naked to the bones
in name of sacred oath to breathe each soul appraised and take it home
disown the grope of basic aims
make paper planes of aches and pains
replace dead weight with net gain
as i board adored express train
to the northern fjords of best placed cause
to seek the source of stress strain
gain coordinates of next reign
take a pause
and celebrate my flaws
withdraw support from thoughts too fraught to hold the fort
while i go walkabout
on the cusp of wanderlust
there’s so much more to talk about
should all about me doubt me
then i’ll stand my ground devoutly
without leave of senses
venture forth with every tool allowed me
talk profoundly of the need to bleed to seed belief in sweet relief
remind myself i need to breathe
allow myself the space to chase my dream
redeem the theme of nature taken heed
where sacred coronation may convene

as i lay me down to sleep
i praise the souls within my keep
shall evermore this way remain
for they are fearless, bold and brave

once night befalls
its tight embrace no longer chills me through
for here i pause until dawn rays illuminate respawning dew
ruminate the sprawling view
before me warmed
in keepsake bloom
elucidate each dreamscape passed
atop the raising height of mast
amaze in graceful flight embarked
be grateful for my faithful heart
for every vein i prise apart
releases slide of frameless art
confides a vital truth
devising new ways to reprise a youth
too kind to leave behind
resign to life declining dues
when rays of light are shining through
the blinds i redesign to prize
the grace to face this timeless view
give chase to dreams
embrace the beams
that pave the way to greatest eden

as i lay me down to sleep
i praise the souls within my keep
for they are fearless, bold and brave
and i revere their untold grace
shall evermore in hold remain
for all adored foretold this way
remained apace to make a face
at every trace of slow decay
unchanging as the raven’s gaze
this lion brave shall roam the plains
until i take the late night train
bestow the reins to every seed that feeds
to grow back whole again

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. There’s so much about this that speaks volumes of positivity and encouragement. To accept myself as I am and not feel substandard, flawed and worse. It tells me that we matter through reading the journey you’ve done. Exposing bare bones and bleeding out marrow to slowly rebuild in glowing light. Love this. You could collate a beautiful book of encouragement 🌳🌈🌻

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