Listen to Dreamcatcher by Richard Charles Stevens

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The world we see
Is one which we create
Our destinies are weighted as to self deemed estimation of our fates
To rest in peace need not bequest our final breaths
For death in time awaits
Yet no great venture entertains
Once we extend an invitation
To blind faith in elevation
Vacant eyes need nowise sight forsake

One voice
Is all we ever really need
To say our piece
And it is how we choose to speak
That paints the scene
Pains will never cease
Should we not seek a way of making peace
With all that has us straining on the leash
Hate’s okay to pass the days
That soon change into weeks
Then months
And years
Bereft of blessèd souvenirs
Yet seldom stretches our imagination
To where best to glean a serene place of rest between the ears

Minds that race apace with demons
Leave no space for scheming
Facing them need not translate to gaining their allegiance
Maybe all they plead for is for their stories to be graced greater meaning
Details may be gory
But the glory is in ways to brave the bleeding
With inventory taken
Maybe they can reawaken from a state of indignation to a dream
Maybe they just needed to be seen
To be believed
Therefore released
Into more celebrated keep
Once we extend an invitation
To blind faith in elevation
We are better placed to take that leap
The world we see
Is of our own creation
Stretching wild imagination
To where best to chase a dream

we are liquid
if we try
we’re the stars that light night skies
we’re the sum of black and white
we’re the sun and moon combined
we’re the heirloom of a host of lives
we’re most alive when doomed to die
we are liquid
if we try
therefore lifted to new high

gifted with perceptive sight
our eyes delight prospective site
a world not nearly far away
where mystic rivers gently sway
to tempo you and i create
memento free of time and space
fast asleep we’re wide awake

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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