The original version of Blestimonial, titled Blessed Testimonial, has been published in All of Me Vol. III, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Android Jones.

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i bid you peace
within your heart
would give my own
to make it start
would frame each breath
and name it art
would die a death
then resurrect
request to play sequestered part
in crafting now of passing then
thus casting doubt on last caress
by kissing you to life again

for now
for then
for everlong
midst thronging zen
from avalon to eden
leading dance bequeathed by chance
bedecked in diamonds
shining tears once wept
forget-me-nots remembered
yet dismembering from roots undressed
of proof of life and truths inside
the lying eyes maligned by death’s design
too tired to question why

i bid said eyes
sublime recline
would give my own
to hone your senses
mending every broken sentence
no remote hope goes unmentioned
lending sight unending
time and space transcendent
tendency to thrive upon dependency
to venture blindly
steeping silence
each deprived of sweet delights to testify
to best of my appliance

weeping means to death defy
in keeping with recital of entitlement nowise resigned
to eyes deprived of vital signs
sleeping lions lay in wait
until the one fine day arrives
confiding that which lies beneath the grate
of blind faith justified

i bid you calm
within your heart
would give my own
to charm disarm
to cry a river
set the scene
for destiny
to bless caress
with healing balm
no less than keen
invested to undress of qualm
suggestive bleed of best of me
to farm the rest through restive psalm

i bid you light
within the shade
forgive the night
for snatching day
both sun and moon in matching gowns
enrapturing the blackened clay
of fractured ground
compacting fate
retracting statements made in vain
embracing courage
destined flourish
nourished by encouraged claim
that light of night
lends shade to day
thus sanctifying fresh terrain
i bid you kind
this one fine day
come find me in our

reflections of affectionate reminder
keen providers of the light and shade paraded in my timeless gaze unchanging
while persuading me to wade into the raging sea creatively
retaining key to great gate seen
and felt
and tasted natively
appraisingly my eyes recline
my lips elate the grape of wine
my hips gyrate to thrust away the faintest trace of space and time
my veins ablaze with flamed desire to elevate sensation higher
bid inspire to all whose bloom
alludes to the full flower moon
for underneath aspiring
i am glass
to see right through
and all i see are diamonds in my view

i wish to be the voice
for something greater than myself
i wish to rejoice riches and see fit to share the wealth
to foretell of ellipsis
and envisage farther realm
to ride the gypsy winds towards elysium beheld
crystalline as morning dew
i am glass
to see right through
and all i see before me strewn are diamonds in my dawning view

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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