The Fell and The Brave

Featured art by Brooke Shaden

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She braved fearsome storms to arrive in his arms
With shipwrecked desire and a castaway heart
Something about those eyes set him apart from the jackals that wished her great harm
A strange innate charm raised the kind of alarm bells she knew well would swell lips to kiss his and tell
Of the bliss long since quelled
Ever since she rebelled against that which compelled her to wish not in wells

With this one thing beheld
Every curse was dispelled
Making blessed and protected every vessel she erected with a vested interest in casting restorative spell
Bidding farewell to the flesh long since deemed as defective
Served well by the unique perspective this afforded
Nothing distorted, unsung or unrewarded
Hatred surrendered
While pure love exalted

She braved fearsome storms to arrive in his orbit
Refusing to forfeit the faith metamorphic
Absorbed from the traces of kind as she peeked through the blinds of his widening eyes
Blinding insight unresigned in his eyes
For he felt not inclined to divorce it
Finally found the sight likewise endowed
Clutching to devout like the reins of a corset
All it would take to consecrate proving grounds
Were the looming clouds above to freely weep
Take one easy leap into the puddle of their troubles
In a huddle coupled lovingly
Becomingly antique
Nothing to critique as their technique was steeped in changeless romantique
A game of hide of seek predating countless generations
In flawless accord since the dawn of creation
Rewarded with lifeline for lifetimes of patience
The ancients spoke of a love to lend hope to all those of a some way less upbeat persuasion
Fortunes were changing

She braved fearsome storms to arrive in this place
No safer a haven
No greater dedication
To chasing the dreams that had faded away
Making charade of til death do us part
Setting the benchmark for intimate art
From shipwrecked desire and a castaway heart
Yesterday’s sorrowful end met tomorrow’s fresh start
Opening books neither known or foreseen
Through thick, thin and all that exists in-between
They proceeded
Blessing the grounds of those formerly defeated
Addressing lost souls so deplorably cheated
They braved fearsome storms to arrive at embrace
And with that
Time and space very kindly

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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