Listen to Homebodies by Richard Charles Stevens

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She is home
Away from home
The cornerstone of my creation
Wheresoever I shall roam
Shall do so unbeknownst of separation
My heart it was sinking
Akin to a stone
Yet still I felt lifted
To bask in her glow
And still I persisted to ask her to show me the secret of ceaseless migration

Although I felt spun
I came boldly undone
Midst bestow of unlikely persuasion
Knew precisely which way I was facing
Thus politely I came then to light in the shade
To delight in her unbridled smile
Once again

Disinclined to the slight of unrighteous decay
For the ties of bind then kindly fell away
I was naked
To the bones
Below which every flower throned
Her own didst braid
For only she completed me
Through cycles echoed sweepingly
To be seen so unceasingly
Could only mean that I for she became
The night I died and something sweetly breathed me back to life again

She is my home
From that day
Unto greatest unknown
She is creation
The light to my shade
Weaving night through each day chaperoned

Wheresoever I shall roam
Shall do so at the height of elevation
To delight in her unbridled smile
Safe haven
She is home
The very cornerstone of my creation
And wheresoever I shall roam
Shall know which way I’m facing
I can see it, feel it, hear and smell and taste it
The one pure love that truly bared me naked

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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