The Magnanimous Mast

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Life can seem a series of unfortunate events
Doesn’t mean it matters any less
Some of us react to others sitting on the fence
Others cut them slack for some way less
Sometimes it’s the best defence to turn the other way
Others better to remain invested
If we were all the same
Then we’d drive one and other sane
And that would be a crazy shame

Glass half full
Or half way empty
Maybe overspilling
Sale of the century
On mental penicillin
Nothing’s elementary
Bereft a dash of willing
Unfortunate events aside
Every loser has the eyes for winning
All-in at the river blind
The odds may well feel stacked
But sometimes hearts are ships that pass
And sometimes they glance back

Nothing is exact
For this is science at its most uncapped
Vitally for host
Both light and shade make grey that painted black
Suffrage intact
For that’s another pain entirely
Sometimes in the hardest rain
Soft play persuades more kindly

Life may seem untimely
As it whips us into shape
Yet it is seldom quite as final as it claims to be
May appear
We’re veering on the edge of the abyss
But once we know our ledge
We’re best to live it dangerously
Hedge our bets on coming good
When desperation sets in
See the trees
Through all the woods
And treasure this perspective
Should something wicked this way come
Then something good is understood to mellow at our leisure when requested

Nothing to detract
From science at its most uncapped
As light and shade parade in braid
To make slate grey that painted black
Life can seem unprecedented in its themed attacks
Facts misleading tended as to where the best defence is
Best then to remember
That good neighbours build no fences
For hearts that pass
Full mast
Might just glance back

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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