Parting Sweet Sorrow — The Secret of Epiphany

The original version of Parting Sweet Sorrow — The Secret of Epiphany, titled Mourning Glory, has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Eyes of a child
Body of evidence
Soul of a traveller
Heart of a brave

I found my place
And how I arrived here is bound to amaze
In all my days
Have never felt so warm and safe
Restored of faith I left back at the courtship phase
Felt more sedate than I had hauling freight
For untold yesterdays
Banked on my ancestral ways
To best convey the dawning day
Morning haze was dense
Thus I remained immensely vested to adoring gaze
The pouring rain contested my request to place my best foot forth
Find blessèd warmth supporting frame in all terrain
I found my place
By walking straight while bleeding at appalling rate
Towards a more rewarding fate
Than that which had been slated
Patiently I waited for the autumn leaves to fall away
Their form relieved as thoughtful breeze
Heretofore eased all thoughts astray
Appeased a racing mind inclined to break a stride blind faith denied
Relied on grace to illustrate the line of sight of playful child

Eyes of a child
Body of evidence
Soul of a traveller
Heart of a brave

Seemed obscene to me that I had been so needlessly guarded
For abrasions and scars
Were persuasively harsh
For a reason
No treason imparted
Civilly hearted
I dithered no more
Scores of atrophy massively pardoned
The earth beneath my feet
Once mulch
In rolling deep rhapsody hardened
I found my truest beauty
In the looming breach of duty
That alluded to each wound exhumed affliction
With no way back to fact
I backtracked rapidly to fiction
And made habit of more gallant groom of diction
Appeased each slight resigned now redefined my blindest faith
Relied on scars to illustrate a pathway far away from dereliction
Had found a place
So warm and safe
For all my inhibition
I could learn recurring art of exhibition

Eyes of a child
Body of evidence
Soul of a traveller
Heart of a brave

Travelling beyond the speed of light
My soul once woebegone now dazzles bright
A satellite bygone of longing passage rite
I found the sight eluding me
When life appeared illusionary
Thus even when contusions weep
I bleed to feed the fusion gene
Releasing that within my keep
Which has no place inside me
With room to breathe the air unsnared to chair embrace more timely
Facing forth
Erasing thoughts strewn far and wide behind me
The universe is duly seen to guide me
With essence ever present
Evanescence need not tether me
To efforts to concede as said allegiance is togetherly
I found my place
From here I see the threads of ever stretching sea
And love begets love just enough to touch each jet addressed to me
Conceived through dream to illustrate a pathway through the trees
Relied on nature’s way to steep the breeze
Provide the elevation to be free
Migrating to the rivers of belief

Eyes of a child
Body of evidence
Soul of a traveller
Heart of a brave

Parting ways with sorrow sweetly
Bargaining tomorrow’s reap
I reach deep in my heart of hearts
Advance to charm once borrowed beat
This coat of arms an infantry of ocean halving symmetry
Reflections of all battles fought
Pulled taut across the swim of me
My fate no longer claims to have it in for me
For every contest left not end in misery
Should blood be shed
Then angels tread uneven ground in favour sped
For in the name of retrospect
I found a place
To rest my head
Mine was no question a beautiful death
For it led to regain of immutable breath
Refrained to illustrate a pathway halfway through the trees
Relied on rivers of belief
To bid no quibble of redeem
This little rig of mine dreams big you see
Its beat unique
To ceaseless peak of chivalry

Eyes of a child
Body of evidence
Soul of a traveller
Heart of a brave
Herein lies the secret to epiphany

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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