The Majesty of Venus

The Majesty of Venus has been published in All of Me Vol. VI, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Title art is by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Closing art is by Sandro Botticelli. 

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Somewhere in the woods
There is a clearing in the trees
The grass is tall and evergreen
The air as cool as it has ever been
For all the dreams I ever dreamed
This has to be the sweetest
For herein breathes the majesty of Venus

Serene is the beauty no duty befalls
For divorced here is the weight of expectation
Even leaves of fall before me sprawled afford no caution to endorsement of the art of aviation
Freebirds trill elatedly to make-believe their favourite scene
Foreseen no indignation as the theme is elevation

Any less here would be wasteful
Vacant breaths here deemed distasteful
Laid to rest the inclination to address of death’s enable
And the essence
O, the essence
Is most blesséd
Like a dream
For herein breathes the majesty of Venus

Somewhere in the woods
Exists a faraway tree
Its branches glance all artists prancing heartily beneath
For we advance reliably
To feed the roots that seed and shoot
To bleed our truths and muse on high society
Not the kind that blinds our eyes to manners in decline
Not the kind that zigzags as it brags each time we walk the line
Not the kind denying us the air to breathe in kind
Not the lair ensnaring fragile minds
Where here and there declare the share of all that’s in-between
For herein breathes the majesty of Venus

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Not the lair ensnaring fragile minds”, love that.

    Life has done that to me too much and now is the time for me to learn and grow. Not grow up however 😄

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