Wed To Flame

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No hazard
No peril
Not one modicum of danger
These were not the narrowed eyes
To clip wings as the sparrow flies
Soliciting the ink to sign disclaimer
No harm or foul
No scowl beneath the veil
Whereby relief prevails
No trail of devastation in their wake
No self-sustaining thirst to slake
Epoch-making curse to break
Version of the truth forsaken
In these eyes
No praise despised
From sun and moon
From seas to sky
A vast array of leading lights
No place aside for ceiling height
Receding line or seedling blight
Of eagle flight comprising
Rising to expand horizon
Not to isolate or hyphenate a trifle late to violate its standing
Striving to translate innate enlighten

No hazard
No peril
In league with no devils
Condemnation counter-claimed infernal revel
Ever kindly
Ever gentle
Weakness strictly incidental
Not a teardrop detrimental
Reassembled from the years
Of fears severely incremental
With attentive ear to hear the instrumental

No hazard
No peril
Uncivil agenda
Withering measure of sweetness to tender
Dithering not to survey the terrain
Far and away from behavioural brain
Paper plane soaring to score the night stars
Cursive while purging the labour from scars
Fingertips glancing the charm of the moon
To embalm a sun spun from the lace of perchance
Romanticising while stars lead the dance
Thus in heightened embrace as they pass
Incautiously advancing
Not a thought indeed alarming
For the palms of kind
Bid disincline to kindliness departing
Kindred spirits better dress the essence blessed of omnipresence
Evanescence lessened by caresses of the artist
Fantasising tantalising wealth
To quell self-sacrificing health
Expel the agonising swell of severed heartstrings

No hazard
No peril
No gesture obscene
Herein redemptive of resident dream
No vesture to bleed
Measures desperate seized
Leisured then to breathe clearly each breath reconvened
Set a scene
Dress its theme to the best bettered freely
By kneeling abreast of the stream
To reflect every treasure redeemed
While the sun and the moon bid adieu to the stars
And migrate to the beats of our beautiful hearts
Renewable parts in a state of awaken
No hazard
No peril
No souls to be taken
Revitalised from the seas to the skies
Public alignment of privitized eyes
Free of confinement
Foreseen no retirement
Serene as the climate we seek when we hide
No longer decreed we need keep it inside

No hazard
No peril
Not one modicum of danger
These were not the narrowed eyes
Belonging to a stranger
These were not the open arms
My broken heart expected
Could it be the spoken arts
Denoted mast erected
With swelling sails
The pending gales forewarned
Adorned compelling tale
Of evermore ascending scale
No more implored of epic fail
To all adored
A wedding veil

To have and to hold
To be loved
To be cherished
For richer
For poorer
Forever embellished
No hazard
No peril
No score card to blemish
Warmhearted enough to replenish
The relish left guessing when destined to perish
Which treads now a fortunate trail
Prevailing the wailing of walls as they cave in
To pause and reflect on all fortifications remaining
I thereto pledged undying faith
To living my life wide awake
For every time I die
Become reborn again
Then lend my best regards
To finding form again
Go extra yards
In all terrain
To fame the braves with reins for veins
Without whom I would long be slain
Salute the true
To set the mood
Then lift the veil
And say I do

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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