The original version of Immortalise, titled Jewels, has been published in All of Me Vol. II, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Karol Bąk.

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The eyes are the prize
This is where the jewels reside
This is where the diamonds sparkle
Lighting up the gorgeous skies
This is where the broadest sunrise activates its flawless rays
This is where the smallest trace of faith can bathe in waterways
While floral sprays blossom top to bottom at incautious pace

This is where the mysteries of ancients are translated
This is where illumination dresses up our faces
This is where a single look reveals us to be naked
Even when we stand there fully clothed
This is where we vocalize unspoken prose
Localising open roads to boundless destination zones

Free from obligations owed
Then taken Home
This is where we gain control of every pain that takes its toll
Play creative role of reawakened soul to make it so
Reanimate the great unknown
Collaborate with days of old

Only the creators know the weight of our foundation oak
Only we can translate ancient code
Only eyes confide of where precisely precious stones reside
Relish in the treasure troves
Embellishing our pleasure thrones

Unbeknownst to those who only trust what they can see
Those nonplussed by hope as it denotes to them complacency
Those foreclosing masonry
With signs that state
No vacancy
Waiting for the late night train impatiently

Too finnicky to picnic with infinity
For principally vacated seats are all they see
When always speaks its ornate piece
Rewards are great for all with faith that halls of fame reside inside us
Those whose souls light up their faces peeking through the ornate blinders
Many of us deemed outsiders
Which just means that we’re survivors
Look into our eyes and glean within a sea of swimming diamonds

Beggars, fools and thieves may look to feast upon the blind
Yet they will never learn the deepest secrets in our eyes

Cry a river
Try forgiveness
Be yourself
Through health or sickness
Find a cure for wellness
When it tells us to expel uniqueness

Pick up from each hiccup
With the ears to hear sincere and prick up
Let them think you’re tickled pink by every pickled stink they kick up

Drop a nickel in their tin cups
Or a shilling
If you’re willing
Should you be short on tourniquets
There’s always penicillin

No need to play the villain of the piece
Place imposition at their feet
Take ammunition to extremes
On course collision to retreat

On course collision to retreat
Take ammunition to extremes
Place imposition at their feet
To play the villain of the piece

Let them see the prize
The gorgeous skies
Where all the jewels reside
Set thoughts aside
Divorced from sight
Get cool and fly

Home is where the heart can heal in luminescent rays
Home is where we artists spend our ever present days
Home is where the diamonds shine the brightest in night skies
Home is at the heart of widest eyes

Nothing cloak and dagger
Just a stunning open hangar
To the highest tides our minds can ride astride

Take the reins
Be bold and brave
Resolve complaint
Show no restraint
In making plain
You aim
To claim the prize
Collaborate with days of old
Reanimate the great unknown
Seek the place wherein famed jewels reside

Weep with grace
Embrace the jaws of life
Eyes without a face
Can make a late date reacquainted
Let them shine and thine night skies be painted

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Play creative role of reawakened soul to make it so
    Reanimate the great unknown
    Collaborate with days of old”
    This is exactly what you’re doing right now 🤩
    “Let them think you’re tickled pink by every pickled stink they kick up”
    Absolutely 🛡
    Astounding work, you’re evolving into one hell of a cosmic force!

    1. Oh, Mouse. I have returned to this comment many times already. Have never before been compared to a cosmic force and I love it hard. I’m pouring my very deepest essence into everything I create at present and slowly but surely getting to grips with music production. You know what tickles me pinkest? That you download these songs and listen to them from your library. That is the greatest gift to me as it means you truly believe in me as an artist. I may not have number one albums or a wide audience, but in the past six months, I have created over 360 original songs and I think of this as my secret arsenal. And guess what, my cherished friend. Couldn’t have done it without the belief you place in me.

  2. The moment I encountered you on wherever, I knew you were on your destined way to infinity. Regardless of what anyone says, wherever you are in your journey know that you have strong believers. In the plural. Picture the scene from 8 Mile where Brittany Murphy is in the audience simply bobbing her head to the beats. She believes in Rabbit. And this Mouse and Lion has belief in a Lion 🦁🐭🦁

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