Judgement Calls

Judgement Calls is a thought provoking piece with a harmonious end goal. There are nearly eight billion people on the planet. And not one of us have the right to pass decree on another. In the words of Walt Whitman before me—Be curious, not judgmental. The following verse echoes his sentiment.

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Judgement calls
I let it ring off
For it is not my place
To cast aspersions on another
Contrasting versions will always exist
Long lasting burdens explore ways to hit
Recasting those who are deemed not to fit
Cancelling shows before woke tabloid hits
Trending the end of the line for those owed to committal

For every rosehip
A thistle
All opposing
Swift dismissal
Chosen lords adored no more
All effects extrajudicial
Making it official
Where we stand with regards to those damned
One side of the story told
Gory details over mulled
Flea sale inventory sold
No lamb left on the shank

All the while
The accused walk the plank
Drawing a blank
As to why ranged attacks land
How many lies have been darned into kaftans
How many eyes
Narrow sights to play taxman
Entrap, ransack then subtract

It really is as heedless as it seems
And not to mention needlessly obscene
To walk a line
Of cruel design
And see the world through mortal eyes
When more to life besides resides in dream
As thoughts arise
Be more concise in finding where importance lies
And authorise a more abiding narrative
For narrowed eyes that paralyze
Go only where the sparrow flies
And not a line of flight be multifaceted

Who are we assuming
We’re disproving an illusion
With no clue as to the true delusion looming
Grooming those who chose to listen
Ruses gloating no permission
To disputing disposition
Owed to visions of derision
Which it’s well within our means
To see forbidden

Judgement calls
Alas, I’ll never ring it back
Listen to a song of right or wrong and sing it back
Never been my place
To see hastened disgrace
When the nose on my face knows the crack
Can smell the rosehips opening
To focus in on broken wings
While brokering no notion to attack
Exact no fury
Sack the jury
Tell no tale
Not fit to sail
Let live
Permit to see forgiven the forgetful
See how our misgivings can be mean and disrespectful

Refocus the onus on selves
For a second
For only the lonely
Can openly beckon
An end to the reckoning
Settle into second skin
Find a thread unthreatening
Stride ahead
To welcome in
Every motion seconding
Devotion to a second stint
In measure
For it’s not our nose’s place
To spite our faces
Or else
Next time
Judgement calls
We might well take it
And a heart is only half that when we break it

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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