Happy Face

Happy Face has been published in All of Me Vol. II, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Ljiljana Romanovic.

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I call this place my happy place
This is where I come to find my happy face
Silence speaks a thousand words
Provided I can hear the birds
Provided I can taste the rain
Trace it down my window pane
Feel as though I’m seen by just one soul for what I am
A gentle man with gentle hands that tremble not by happenstance

In many ways
I’m like a cat
My flaxen mane attests to that
Stroke my fur the right way and I might stay where I’m sat
Act erratic
Watch me scat
Emphatically, I’d like to add
Do so when my heart gets sad
Has been that way since just a lad
Please forgive me that
One wish was all this dreamer ever had

I was different from the other kids in school
Many of them seemed inclined to break the golden rule of kindness
Cruel to be just that
This seemed a most unnatural habitat
Played at fool and somehow made it through this raw ordeal in tact
In actual fact, I learned a lesson
How to search each curse for blessing
Leave the second guessing for those qualified at risk assessing
Still I skirted mild depression
Still I felt distracted
Waiting for the late date made by fate to be exacted

My happy face had no place left to turn
As all about me bridges burned
Lifelong kinships overturned
In seconds, maybe less
I felt a wealth of stress and pressure
Through prose, I made address
And wrote the world an open letter

Secure within my recess, I could find a way to make it better
Demonstrate the art of putting pieces back together
Every storm I weathered bled a rainbow in the sky
Led me to a happy place
Remembered as a child
Climbed the tallest oak in sight
To better hear the birds
Silence somehow just felt right
And words, this time, were simply not required

In many ways
This place is home
Thus I need never feel alone
My soul is where the art resides
Confides of essence unconfined
Leads through intravenous line to every gaping artery
Even when profusely bleeding
Something heartfelt keeps it beating
Teething passes through catharsis
Making happy place of where the heart is
Painting on one everlong perpetuating, rain embracing, rainbow chasing, crystal gazing happy face

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Act erratic
    Watch me scat”

    Love your inadvertent humour! I’m completely running parallel with you on this piece. Similar childhood days, comfort atop strong boughs and an inner child within. I reflected as I read this.

    1. I love that you pick up on the gentle humour. Of course you do, we shared an amniotic sac after all. The inner child is alive and well in us both Mouse. The key to everything.

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