Deuces Wild

Featured art by Cam Rackam

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Should falling be my calling
Then I’m all-in at the river blind
Life may see me stalling
As it stonewalls me with snowballing decline
Overhauling upside in a manner less than civilized
Cautioning behaviour which formerly has been obliged

As I peek through the Venetian blinds
Stricken blind by recent finds
I glance at an agreement signed
While disinclined to peace of mind
Fall between uneven lines
Each creek incised now streaming light
Giving rise to dreaming eyes
Revealing where the reason lies

Sustaining faith through waning phase
Making haste to state persuasive case
For tailoring remaining space
To flavour of prevailing taste
Reclaiming wasted years erased
By eyes displaced from changing face

The weighted base of certain burden
Hangs akin to iron curtain
Slurring verse deferred excursion
Earnest words of cursive sermon
Stirring flight of dreaming eyes
Revealing where the reason lies
I fall between uneven lines
These hurdles then decrease in size

Should falling be my calling
Then I’m all-in at the river blind
Here I grow to live and learn
With no concern for ceiling height
Mockingbirds confer
Yet I observe the stillborn blurb to which their scheme relies
Fervent in the swelter as I further try to melt down their receding ice

We live in such misleading times
Until such time as reason dies
Seasons pass like creeping vines
While thieving hearts cut strings to all cohesive ties
I fall between uneven lines
My purpose then increases size

Each teardrop falls coercing call
To bleeding eyes reversing course
Those demonized by cursèd thoughts
Idealised by all inclined to blur the lines exerting force
Remorse denied
Divorced no kind
Each time I fall through space and time
Should falling be my calling
Then I’m all-in at the river blind
No poker face required

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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