Loco With Motive

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You so crazy, You so loco
You my favorite one hour photo
You so nuts, I call you Coco
Don’t go changing just for me

Am I really certifiable
Not altogether sure that’s viable
Undeniably a little odd but I am nothing if not pliable
Adapt with ease to those whose trees foresee contrary breeze
Can action bleeds to seed the need to concede not defeat
Transactions tend to pend on sensing where to lend a smile
To manufacture trend upending unaddressed denial

Made some errors, taken trials
Learned my lessons, hit redial
All the while, call awaiting
Voice of free choice excommunicated
Sane mind slipping, losing grip
Deconstructing strip by strip
Had staked my claim to be equipped
Alas, I hadn’t read the script
What do you mean small print? … SHIT!

Others may not state the obvious but the eyes give them away
Perceptive cats like I know well precisely what they implicate
Everyone’s an expert when assuming others’ mental states
Yet way too busy playing sleuth to entertain the actual truth

You so crazy, You so loco
You the one toy I no outgrow
You a product with no bar code
Don’t go changing just for me

Evidently not your token choker
Defiling thoughts of fraught profile while smiling like the Joker
Mad as fifty hatters with another fifty in the bag
Focus driven, unforgiven, living dreams a kid once had

They told me I would fail, that every snail derails from trail
Inhaled the air about me, found it second-hand and stale
Force-ten gale mid-bluster and my only shelter pale
This Virgo hit the turbo thrusters, ergo trusting curse to verse on blessings in the mail

With tongue undone, I manned the guns and banked upon the ricochet
With teeth no longer gritted this permitted me a cryptic say
Gaunt remorse tapped out like morse, became my own enigma
Figured out the paradox then cocked the bleeding trigger

One shot in the dark was the single base requirement to locate myself a gunner just as pained to call retirement
This shooter led maneuvers and I trusted this dynamic
No more faceless static, one game face to break the habit
Cutting ties, with lion’s stride, I chased me this white rabbit
Spotted me a lifeline, damn well grabbed it

Since that time, have been required to find my own exclusive rhyme
The reason not for swift decline
When treason robbed me briskly blind
In season all the goddamn time
I bleed with need to lead the line
Bait the other crazies praise them
Tell them it’s okay to come unhinged
Embrace each imperfection, question food for thought, pull taut and court the binge
Madness is okay should you remain upon the fringe
Remember that next time you feel the twinge

You’re so crazy, You’re so loco
Got a flow like Orinoco
Dragon scales like a Komodo
No more the no-show
Don’t slow poke it like a dodo
Wear the hump like Quasimodo
Go so nuts, they call their children Coco
Why the fuck not showboat

Then once the storm clouds have departed
Learn your motive, just like I did

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Learned my lessons, hit redial
    All the while, call awaiting
    Voice of free choice”

    This piece is brilliant, haha really fun and adventurous in sound. It’s the SHIT!!! BANG!

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