Mother of Tears

Mother of Tears is an original work, inspired by Dario Argento’s Suspiria, and has been published in All of Me Vol. IV, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing.

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Hers was a triumph of spirit unlike any other
Disinclined to suffer
While the world around her buffered
Kind of eyes and fair of face
When life her spacial smile denied
With grace She did recover

Through curtain lace no burden laid
Weeds within her vertebrae
Indeed, the seeds she germinated
Each beseeched of fertile phase
Unswerving faith averted gaze
From fate decreed uncertain gait
She paced determinedly
Elite insurgency innately overseen

With urgency
Of fervor keen
I turned the page to learn of She
Uncertain age for She was dateless
Neath her gaze proceeded weightless
Quick to braid each seamless platelet
Name the most serene dream wakeless
Bask in her exceeding greatness
Undertake foreseen hiatus
Make escape and flee the matrix
Every single teardrop stainless
Each scar I paraded painless

With urgency
Of fervor keen
My only wish to learn of She
Through curtain lace I made great haste
To lay my weight upon her bones
Enthrone the flowers grown within
And celebrate her homely skin
This ceremony testimony
To the only heartbeat trophied
Party to faith once eroded
Raised my hand and calmly showed it
Praised each imperfection
Owned it
Craved the steep
Each leap condoned
Of Eden told
Trustees composed
To bear the fruit of seeded hope

Hers was a fable unlike any other
Compelling lips swelling to tell her
I love her
The mother of tears
Of suspiria bled
Fine curtain lace hazing
Her four poster bed
The only place I care to lay down my weary head
Just to share the sweet air dressed of She

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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