Ten Feet Tall

The original version of Ten Feet Tall has been published in All of Me Vol. I, courtesy of Shadow Spark Publishing. Featured art is by Brooke Shaden.

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She was bleeding when I found her
On the side of the road
Battered and bruised
Used beyond belief
Lips bemused and gritted teeth
A portrait of permitted grief
Each tear reminding that which lie beneath
Each fear a gift of heightened sense bequeathed
Must have stood a good ten feet tall at very least

Was clear to me
This mighty brave
Possessed the courage of conviction
Had the kind of fight required to make each cold hard fact pulp fiction
Leading losses back to gain
Feeding not traumatic pain
Seeking more adaptive ways
To see released this drastic weight

She was bleeding with such grace
It damn near stole my breath away
Whatever evils she had faced
Had made unlikely getaway
Better days now more inclined
For having walked barefoot through fire
Having halted long retreat
Having fought when on her knees
Having forced her to her feet
Lapping waters fit to breach

For every deepened scar applied
Healing balsam seeped inside
Redefined a stride
Nowise denied her
Dignified through every last kaleidoscopic slide
Made au fait the brave to play provider

Had I chose to disbelieve my eyes
Then I’d have flashed this stranger kindly smile and passed on by
Howbeit souls so harmonised
Sparkle when they catch the light
Each debacle justified in teaching how to beat the blight
If only they be seen
Then dead nights grant the sweetest dreams
One be shadow one be light
Two design a fine line in-between
Find a garden most serene
And fill it up to overflowing
Make it blush with blossom knowing
Set the most delightful scene
Dream a little dream
And dream it bigger every nightfall
Some place altogether seen
Through wide eyes free of doctrine
Free of will and overspilling
Oceans blue of calm
Bleeding true and charmed of essence infinite in spirit
Thus I made myself Familiar
One of handsome coat of arms
Reflective of the majesty my very own enhanced
Chances are a choir composed of busted lips and bloodied noses
Hearts on fire repose when trusted kisses whisper lovely trophies

Bleeding when we found each other
Just to show we can
Just to see the show of hands that catch us when we fall
Thread the long through short of it and stand up ten feet tall
And so this fable draws to close
Should it enable
No-one knows
Howbeit every dead of night I rest my pardoned eyes
I’ll be headed to a garden most divine
To see her tower
Ten feet tall
Feel her power
Heed her call
It’s clear to me
That near to She
Is where I dearly need to be
Sincerely feeling ten feet tall
Comprehending all
Building up connecting walls
Skilled enough amending laws
Ending wars
Trending cause
To fuel the source
She was soaring when I left her
Standing ten feet tall at very least
Each tear reminding that which lie beneath
Each fear a gift of heightened sense bequeathed

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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