A Likely Tale of Famed Acquisition

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I got you
Through hell and high water
From Townsville to the rock of Gibraltar
A friend to no end
With no end of good sense
When commending the strength of the mortar
Depend on me to bend the seas
And calm the waters breathlessly
To see thee providentially esteemed
Feel somewhat unconventionally believed
Redeemed through the telepathy of dream

I got you
When fate intervenes
Proceeds to dictate inescapable means
Howls in your face
Takes you straight to your knees
Snaking its trail through the wake of dead leaves
Making you frail
For the sake of bled streams
Reawakening to nature
Reinvented by the breeze
Every pitfall screened can be prevented then with ease
Ventures tend to end less pained
Famed of fresh belief

I got you
When the skin of your teeth seems to be the only way to brave the theme
To hell and back
Scrap that
To Zion!
Fact is I’m that big cat to emphatically rely on
Pride myself on having backs
No price on value added tax
Get high on natural habitat
One handshake and I sign on
I got you
Like voltage to a pylon
That way
When you sleep
It leaves a light on

I got you
Would spot you a smile
With your own in denial
Go the whole extra mile when it’s not due
When life rocks you to foundations
Make this opportune occasion
And adopt true innovation
To remind which way you’re facing
Stop the monsoon of your mind’s untimely racing
Not the type inclined to idle gazing
Every time life’s trails are isolating
You will find me patiently awaiting
Not because I’m due a brand new plaything
Not my style beguiling with ignominious persuasion
May remain anonymous
Donate it to your consciousness
To sub let ground to provenant narration
That way you gain ownership
With no sedate to showmanship

Go your own way
Know this though
I got you
From the cradle to the grave
Each recited cycle chained
Like a phoenix rises flamed
From steeped hinds to lion’s mane
For as sure as light relies on shade
I got you
Leap with faith
Feel safe here
I won’t drop you
Raised the way of gentleman
I’ll match your stride’s momentum
For this friend’s bereft of ending
And I got you

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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