Listen to Abide by Richard Charles Stevens

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there was a time
when the words came so easy
to hide them
would seem like a crime
had come over queer
ever veering to queasy
yet still i felt keen to abide

tied between rock
and a hard place
i stopped
to about face
embrace bitter chill
life felt disfigured
belittled was i
as the light in my eyes died
and frittered my will
still i kept moving
disproving the theory
that clearly was looting
my cheer
disputing the years
in my rear view
no clear view alluded to
muted my tears

here in my safe place
endeared a display case
within which sedate pace adhered
i shifted with great haste
to vacate my late phase
and placate the sum of my fears
to succumb to my fate
felt unsung of the faith
which narrated my dreams as a child
forgiven for fading
i lived for the day
when the mystical river ran wild

there was a time
i felt exiled
the textile of every projectile far flung
still stood erectile
for all the dysfunction
compunction was nary now wrung
words came so easy
when bleeding repeatedly
demons were creeping in
near to defeating me
even the most shallow stream
seemed too deep to me
still i was seen to abide

hiding and seeking
reminded of being a child
long denied of safe keeping
regained my stride
in the deep dead of night
and felt childlike when vibrantly leaping
high rise
my wide eyes
off-kilter skies tilted
wildflowers climbing
where once they had wilted
jilted at altar
my course had been altered
yet still i careened to the light
words came so easy
when falling asleep
as my dreams reconvened at full flight

to hide them
would seem like a crime
thus deny them
the wings to sing sweetly at height
time and again
when the pains became violent
i aimed to abide them and write
here at the river side
words come so easy
when frequently improvised
piquant the view to a brave new world
dignified grace by the way we abide

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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