A Walk in The Wild

A Walk in the Wild is an original work, inspired by the story of Cheryl Strayed, who hiked the Pacific Crest Trail alone, on a journey of self-discovery, and ultimately, recovery. Featured art is by Zainab Loulichki.

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For countless miles
I walk this trail
Though weak and frail
I shall prevail
Shall fight for peace
With tooth and nail
Seek my release
Beyond the pale
And find myself
Beneath the veil

Midday sun burns down upon the long and winding road
My binding oath
Declining role of victim as per findings showed
While the days are blinding hot
The nights are biting cold
With not a soul in earshot
As I watch the coughing campfire choke
I’m all alone
With thoughts my only cloak remotely close to home
Which goes to show
How far I’ll go
To grow apart from scolding tone
My open heart
The noble part which chaperoned approach thus far
Denotes my last granola bar
Before the final gasp
Fingers down to bone
All lingered hopes declining fast
Yet every single chromosome
Evokes defining mark

For countless miles
Have walked this trail
Though weak and frail
I have prevailed
Have fought for peace
With tooth and nail
Seeked release
Beyond the pale
And found myself
Beneath the veil

It felt wild
To let it be
To let life get the best of me
For all of spite’s severity
I still defined serenity
Breathed unapologetically
Once something of a rarity
For back when I was seventeen
I had no real identity
At least now theoretically
I called to mind a spreading tree
Thus while my life seemed dead to me
Survival chimed prophetically
Revival timed poetically
To see me unexpectedly alive
Remind me why I strived so long
To hold on to my open heart
And motion to the stolen stars
If only to delight the swollen skies
My binding oath
To focus eyes on beauty of the unknown
Where no onus lies on duty
Or disputes that you may die before regrouping in the wild
With eulogy unduly signed
Should you not find the one tree truly wise
And learn of where a working future lies

For countless miles
I walk this trail
Once weak and frail
I now prevail
No fight for peace
Clean teeth and nails
Since I released
Beyond the pale
For here upon uneven ground
I found myself
In best of health
Beneath the veil

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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