Hear! Here!

Listen to Hear! Here! by Richard Charles Stevens

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Here is where sincerely I remain
Here is where I nearly died
The day that night became
Here is where I clearly tried
To place my creeping fears aside
Replacing tears the years had dried
With redefined embrace

The one place
I feel safe
To be
Make haste to be
Break dates to be
Is here where I can taste defeat
Replenish what it takes from me
No aching need to take the knee
Release the chains detaining me
Amazingly at ease
Appeased to feel their heaving weight on me
These demons need not wait on me
To face the fate awaiting me
Survived the night before
What’s more
I did so meditatively

Here is where I chase the dreams
That nearly got away from me
Intercept the data stream
Replace the beams
Make space to breathe
The one place
I feel safe
To be myself
And unashamedly
With graceful ease
I seize the day here tastefully

Darkness falls
Its shawl
It comforts
Taking pause from cruel abundance
Racing forth
To stall the thunder
Coursed to tear my thoughts asunder
I wonder
Need I fall
At all
When shadows plead to heed the call
Proceed to bleed beneath the veil
To seek belong beyond the pale

My lips
No longer pale
The final breath
Of death’s assail
My eyes
The height, depth, width and breadth
Of every sense prevailing
Trailing vines incline to twine
Hereby define a spine benign
For all the thrills and chills
With quill fulfilled to spill
It feels divine

Here is where sincerely I remain
Where I bleed
Every colour and shade
Night and day
The same way
Guilt and shame
Have no place
In a mind redesigned
With blind faith
To abstain from the pain of still life
For still life moves at pace
All the same
Had to die
To survive my own wake
Now I thrive
On the light
When it fades
Thus it is here
Whereby sincerely I remain
Getting high on delight that you came

For all the thrills and chills
With quill fulfilled to spill
It feels divine

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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