Silent Proposal

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Silence spoke a thousand words
And then a thousand more
It silently composed this verse
Will likely then propose a thousand more

Pardon the verbose approach
It’s something of a flaw of mine
When I get nervous or excited
This invites the chorus line
Sends me over borderline
By order of the mystic quill
Which seems to write of own freewill
The moment things fall silent

Never been a fan of numbers
Letters seemed the better way
Algebra turned up
Around the time I made clean getaway
Words concurred can verse a far more fervent memorandum
String a few in tandem and you hand them greater meaning
Random thoughts are lent a voice
Offer choice on what we feel the most preferred deferring and revealing
Some are nouns
While others verbs
Adjectives and such
Talk a lot of rot and they will not amount to much
Out of touch when out of mind
Stuck in rut when such resigns
Need to read between the lines
The moment things fall silent

Silence spoke a thousand words
And then a thousand more
It silently composed this verse
Most likely shall propose a whole host more

Always been a visual creature
Rather play the brave than preacher
Words look quaint upon a page
But that’s why god gave facial features
To frown each time he takes the credit
In his book of many edits
Someone told me god is love and I’ve not got the faintest clue who said it
More divine believing eyes
Than centuries of thievery and lies
Needless jargon set aside
There’s precious cargo to be gleaned
From using words to deck a scene
Then free it of confine
Should receiver fall between the lines
Then that’s alright
For they just might use this brief pause to roam and paint a landscape of their own

Hard to find the words to verse imagination boundless
Hard to leave the station when our hesitation grounds us
Sometimes it is easier to say nothing at all
Need not take keen ear to hear a call
Should we bid sincere adieu to words for just a moment
Then we may find just cause to not disown them
This is where perception takes the reins
This is where perfection makes address and stakes its claim
Silence need not translate disaffection
That unspoken can evoke far more than token mention
Sure there could be apprehension
Comfort is a factor
Find the eyes of spoken silence
Bid recline

Silence spoke a thousand words
And then a thousand more
It silently composed this verse
Has silently proposed a lifetime more
Please feel free to fall between the lines
Heed the call within the sound of silence

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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