Real Artists Dance

Listen to Real Artists Dance by Richard Charles Stevens

Listen to Time by Hans Zimmer

The artist in me starves
Doomed to do this thing by halves
Wasting rainbows
Chasing cars
Clutching my remaining cards
Please be still
My racing heart
Need to hear the swaying palms
All I see are fading stars
And all the while
The artist in me starves

Deep within the blazing hearth
The artist in me plays with fire
My heart still beats
The flame it speaks
Pleading me to raise it higher
Bleeding seems the only way
To leave behind me trailing wire
Remind myself
I’m by myself
Regarding wealth of great desire
To break a cycle
Famed recital
By a voice inside that’s frightful
Qualified to take my title
Fate me in a way most spiteful
No rightful heir declared to share the air I breathe and treat as vital
All the while
The artist in me chokes
As noble dreams are stifled

Don’t wish to go the way of vinyl
Ain’t got time to wait for late revival
Streams are frozen
Rites are final
Seems I’m posed with quite the trifle
Tidal waves to brave before the day changes to nightfall
Yet unbeknownst of ways to stave off skyfall
All the while
The artist in me gives his all to lift the shawl
Either that or hit the wall attributed to crystal ball
Limited the time remaining
End of days advice relating
Nevermore my vices changing
All the while
The flies are gaining

Aiming at the skies
I try to take my shot
Vacate my lot
Ten guns in salute
Are little use
Unless the safety’s off
Starters orders guarded borders
Led me to uncharted waters
Need them now in darkened quarters
Please empower the star performer
Bleeding out with keen devout
That even now I’m in with half a shout
Can you feel me reaching out
Bleed me in
Then breathe me out
If at all
Then see me now
For life can be cruel weeding out

The artist in me
Has the tools
To soar before the hammer falls
All the while
The cabin walls are closing in with rapid force
In the warm of palace halls
No cannonballs can harm me
All I need is cause
To reinforce belief
I exceed one man army

All I need to feel is seen as real to bleed an Eden themed tsunami
Remind myself
That by myself
I’m wasting rainbows
Chasing cars
Doomed to do this thing by halves
Never face the swaying palms

All the while
The artist in me calms
For all I see are masterpieces
Waiting to be charmed
If only they can raise this trailing arm of mine
In half the time
Then I shall lead an e’er prevailing dance

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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