Late Night Train

Late Night Train is the tale of a creative writer and his decade long journey to being recognized as an artist, and personal testament to the importance of remaining the distance.

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Waiting on the platform
For a train that never came
Cuirass flayed and scabs formed
In a bid to stay hydrated in the rain
Pained in refrain of the day I was slain
In a way some way less tactful than most unrestrained attack force
In the shackles
Painted black
The iron manacles exact in the protraction of inaction’s counter claim

Patiently awaiting
The belated reenactment of a faith that gained the traction of a hub of cycles chained
Each recital claimed to be prefatory to greater expectations
Leading hastily to unforeseen terrain
Bleeding to concede my heart as artfully estranged
As my departure is regardlessly delayed
Numb from static crackle
Humming laterally to grapple
While I wait upon the platform
For the train that never came

Were I to die tomorrow
Then I would not side with sorrow
For the sun burns ever brightly in my skies
No idea where the path might lead
Or whether I’ll succeed
Thus fall politely to my knees
And feel it timely to release the screams inside me in a last-ditch bid to rise
As the shadows narrow tightly
I’m reminded most concisely of the inner eye to guide me into light

By repeating the errors
That needled me breathless
Have been left diseased and infectious
Reminded of untreated sores
While pausing to reflect upon a cause the speaker thought no less than reckless
This voice is relentless
My choices seem few
While I wait upon the platform
For a train in fading view
Should the remainder of my days this way incline
And I deny the only shade pervading light cascading through
Then I will be declined the right to wisdom as to what precisely my life is implied to appertaining to

Having paid my dues
I choose to make myself excused
From bearing weight of expectation
That I’ll soon vacate the station
By remaining forward facing
Should the train arrive
I’m more inclined to take it
Therefore I feel justified in waiting all this time
For there is always time to change my ticket
Willingly upgrade it
Until such time
I’ll wait upon the platform for my train
Remain hydrated in the rain
Where I stand naked

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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