The Connective Directive

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When twinned souls conjoin
Somehow feel like home and fill an empty, lonely void
Many of us go our whole lives searching for reflection
Precious few evade the crashing waves of misdirection
Suddenly we’re paranoid
Maladroit at trusting
Swords unsheathed
All set to cleave
The moment hearts start pulsing
Stunning vistas blister as the colours run together
And once upon a time then spells the end
Fairy tales spell epic fail when dreamt of never ever
Meanwhile it’s good night to our sweet friends

Made a lot of them as I have ventured through the altogether
Every day that passes I feel blessed
Certain souls will never gel
And some condemn me straight to hell
But even then I wish them all the best
Artists are a breed apart
We live and breathe and bleed through art
Wear our hearts upon lapels
Kiss each masterpiece and tell
Form connections true, sincere
When consternation disappears
Subconscious minds then make decisions on our sole behalf
Brave enough to walk the pathways through our flowery bones
Even though we could well be disposed by those devouring souls
Holding back and such inaction
Fools our minds to call for sanction
Lacking any kind of traction
Just another crime of passion
Just a fraction of the tracks spun
Outrun toll of klaxon
So many of us miss the main attraction

When two souls are meant
Meant to clown around together in the circus tent
Meant to venture forth with caution tossed into the gale
Meant to test the torsion
Yet hellbent on setting sail
Meant to have adventures on an e’er ascending scale
Meant to face each hazard and prevail
Be haphazard
Feel secure that certain souls endear to flaws
Prior to our judgement calls
Make about face
Take a pause
Smiles unsheathed
All set to breathe
The moment hearts start beating
Suddenly we’re on the planes of genuine affection
And all it takes is one innate connection

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. Such a romantic piece for anyone to relate to.

    Connected by Kate Brady as used in the Tetris rehash played loud in my mind. Now I need to hit play on my phone 🤗

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