Early Bird Special

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I open my eyes
Peek with hope through the blinds
Felt composed as I slept
Feel reposed as I rise
Unopposed to the light I delight in the homecoming skies

With a low humming sigh of unspoken delight
Too remarkably serene to see motion denied
For unbroken is my oath to steep emotional highs
Open to entreat of my devotional guide
To leap blind into daylight
And exceed the reach of rail height
As I scale heights unforeseen
Proceeding hail of sleeping trail hike

In my dream
Keen to sustain flight
Like a tailed kite
Rides the breeze
Relieved to be perceived indefatigably at ease
Fate staked no great claim upon each vein of famed release
Therefore on this one fine day
I dress up in the tethers of belief
That there’s forever to be gleaned
Once we pre-eminently bleed
To seed hope peeking through the blinds each time we elegantly leap

Wide awake
Yet fast asleep
My charmed heart bargains to repeat
Its beat remarks on indiscreet advances
As each fever passes
Mastering the art of breathing freely and cathartically
Puppeteering interweaving arteries

Every day parades uniqueness
No two play the same in sequence
Not a lesson need be heedless
Not a blessing deemed as needless
Clearly we are masterpieces
Sincere works of artful thesis
Nearly free
And halfway home
Prepared for where the pathway leads us

We open our eyes
Peek with hope through the blinds
Felt alone as we fell
Feeling swell as we rise
Juxtaposed to the light in the homecoming skies
Lies Cimmerian shade of unspoken abide
Scar tissue healing with lotion applied
By entreat of our devotional guide
Leaping blind into the daylight
To exceed the reach of rail height
As we scale heights unforeseen
And make believe

In faith today may be the day
We wake up to the dream

Richard Charles Stevens

Keeper of The Crimson Quill

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  1. “Therefore on this one fine day
    I dress up in the tethers of belief”

    Love this! I may skip rather dimly on my blog at times but I’m always content, happy and grateful to everyone I love 💜

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